T.A.G.Tom's Adventure Gaming
TAG is a clear, flexible rules matrix that plugs into a variety of settings. The rules are so simple and concise that we've been able to include a complete set of rules with each RuinCrawl, FreeFall, or Cliffhanger scenario, making every one a game in itself - no other books necessary. You can download character sheets here.

Spacers mixes the old trappings of space opera and a bit more recent knowledge. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the solar system and beyond, fight creepy aliens with ray guns, or command a space-ship speeding through the great unknown, this game is for you. 

RuinCrawl (click here for rules)
Try out TAG for less than a dollar! This download provides the complete rules for all our TAG sword and sorcery (RuinCrawl) products without the adventures. Perfect if you just want to run your own TAG campaign or have an extra copy of the rules for players. These rules can also be adapted to run any Trollhalla Friendly adventure. To get the rules packaged with a scenario in print, check out Imp Hollow.

Wildly Heroic Action Pulp (WHAP!) rules for Tom's Adventure Gaming, suitable for Western, Steampunk, High Adventure, and other Cliffhanger staples.

Though it is not HALLOWEEN, the horror rules set for TAG, is just in time for the next slew of SCARY MOVIES to come. Though humor is prevalent throughout the work, the GM can still instill NIGHTMAREs fluttering ON the leaves of the ELMs along your STREET, while the players can be the HELLRAISERs that they want to be.

Character Sheets

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