Our Favorite Neighbors
(in alphabetical order)

Don't be offended if you've worked with us and we didn't put your link up here. We got way too lazy to add every single artist and contact a long time ago. We're still willing to consider exchanging links though, so feel free to contact us if you're interested.

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Peryton Publishing's Facebook Page - Won't you be our neighbor?


Aaron Anderson - You'll see several of Aaron's pen-strokes in Qalidar.

Daniel Chapman - Who did some work for Peryton RPG and gets extra points for enduring the Great Sock Fire of '92. He's also doing a cover for one of our WHAP! books.

Alejandro Gutiérrez Franco - Look for his work in Qalidar and on the covers to the revised Peryton Fantasy RPG and POW!erful Tales. He's a major contributor to Qalidar: Resistance as well.

Diego Gisbert Llorens - Diego has done work on Kopfy's Caverns, Imp Hollow, and other adventures.

Régis Moulun - Régis has helped us out with work for Imp Hollow, Spacers, Troll Tunnels, and just about everything else.

SiMari - Simon Lee Tranter and Mari Volmar, providing "professional creative services that enrich our customers’ projects with memorable and exciting imagery across a wide range of styles and fields, including advertising, print, web design, promotional design, and illustration."

Simon Lee Tranter Concept/Design/Illustration - He did the cover for Troll Tunnels and is working with us on a number of other things, possibly involving super-heroes, flying saucers and finned helmets. He's also made most of our recent logos.

Publishers & Resources

Eposic - Online tools for a variety of role-playing games, with a special focus on Tunnels and Trolls. The webmaster is also a contributor to our Troll Tunnels collection.

Flying Buffalo, Inc. - Publisher of Tunnels & Trolls and other nifty things.

Gristlegrim - A free dungeon for the Tunnels and Trolls fantasy roleplaying game by Ken St. Andre.

Tavernmaster Games -  Several widely acclaimed British (and other) creative types united to bring you all kinds of Tunnels & Trolls goodness.

Warzone Matrix - The local game store where we buy stuff and run games.  Stop by for a visit if you're ever in Cleveland.

Blogs & Miscellaneous

Heroes and Villains - Our City of Heroes/City of Villains MMORPG fan site.

Kopfy's Kreche - The blog of our very own Kopfy/Laggy/TomK dude, detailing our many travels, with lots of cool photos.

Peryton - Look, we have our own musician! Okay, he's not really ours, but we like him, and might even be selling some of his CD's here soon.

Ralan's Webstravaganza - Lists a lot of markets for freelance writers, including POW!erful Tales.

Tanith's Laboratory - If you like mad science and undead entertainers, check out this blog by a former Dunwich Herald writer.

Troll Hammer - Cool guy with a T&T blog. I hate writing these descriptions.

Trollish Delver - A blog devoted to the roleplaying game Tunnels and Trolls.

Graphic Links, Banners, Etc.

TrollhammerTavernmaster Games
The Nine Worlds

SiMari Design Illustration

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