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December 31, 2021
Are you ready for the terrible hoggishness of TERRORHOG? This weird monster hog scenario also contains a set of introductory Crawlspace rules, so one book is all you need. And maybe some alcohol.

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About Perytons
A peryton is a mythological creature, usually described as a cross between a deer and an eagle. They were described by Ezren as cruel predators of humanity, not only devouring their victims, but mangling their corpses and wallowing gleefully in the remains. Scipio's army reportedly encountered perytons near the Straits of Gibraltar and found their weapons to be useless against them. The creatures have been connected with Atlantis and the fall of Rome, and might be the spirits of travelers who died far from their native lands. This legend may account for their distinctive shadows, which show not the monstrous forms of their owners, but the outlines of human beings. Before Peryton Publishing, Peryton was Christina Lea's handle on Delphi.

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