April Fools!

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Tomorrow we'll have the real Elder Tunnels up. That's right baby, Spring 2011, the Science and Sorcery issue. You like that, don't you baby? You know you like it. Come back and get it real soon.


(Click here and look for April 1, 2011 to see the original gag.)

Halloween 2010

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Within these pages lurk horrifying adventures by a group of ghoulish writers.

The Ephemera Furnace’ by the sinister Christina Lea will chill you with a tale of mysterious bargains, disembodied limbs and groaning abominations. 

The murderous Mike Larsen will thrust you through hellish portals into the horrifying abyss of his dark mind in ‘Resurrection Missions.’ 

The Farmer’s Daughter,’ a solo adventure by the twisted David Crowell will give you nightmares of scarecrows, cattle mutilations, and things that go bump in the night. 

Finally, in ‘Trouble among the Tumbled Stones,’ the foul Tom K. Loney will take you on a terrible journey to a place where travellers have been vanishing mysteriously. Could this be the work of bandits, or is something more disturbing afoot on the road to Grimehaven?

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This illustrated collection features two full-length GM adventures by Stephen Butka and Tom K. Loney, along with an introduction by Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St. Andre.

  • The Sorcerer's Chimney: a satirical romp through realms that may be uncomfortably familiar.
  • The Wuthering Depths: Monsters, dark elves, deep caves, and just a touch of gothic romance. Who could ask for more?
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