WHAP (Wildly Heroic Action Pulp)

WHAP Deluxe Pulp Adventure System - PYN0907
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Travel to exotic locales and the darkest corners of the human heart in search of adventure!  WHAP's simple, straightforward rules will inspire you, get you going, and then get out of your way while you play a masked crime-fighter, brilliant scientist, hard-boiled snoop, uncanny mystic, sure-shot gunslinger, or any other type you can come up with.

This is the deluxe upgraded Wildly Heroic Action Pulp (WHAP) system for Tom's Adventure Gaming, designed for Western, Steampunk, High Adventure, and other cliffhanger staples. Built from the Tom's Adventure Gaming (TAG) system, it includes all the rules you need to get started playing.

This product also includes "The Wobble Machine," an introductory adventure that shows you just how far WHAP can take you.

Click Here to DownloadThe Silver's Jungle - PYN0903
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This is a scenario for TAG's WHAP! pulp adventure system. The player characters are summoned to Bogo, a port city in the western Belgian Congo, by the governor himself to investigate a series of murders believed to have been committed by a rogue silver-back gorilla, and resolve the situation.  

To get this plus "The Black Lotus Affair"  and "Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs" in print, order Howls in the Wild here.

Click Here to DownloadThe Black Lotus Affair - PYN100510
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Part One of the Funky Monkey Steampunk Series. Travel from New York to the wastes of Russia with SEWA. Did someone mention yetis?

To get this plus "The Silver's Jungle"  and "Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs" in print, order Howls in the Wild here.

Click Here to DownloadCowboys vs Dinosaurs - PYN1006
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In this adventure for for TAG's WHAP! rules by award-winning game designer Ken St. Andre, a gang of American outlaws "vacationing" south of the border are approached by two old villagers who ask them to come save their town. The men say that beasts from hell are attacking the village: carrying off children, destroying the livestock, terrorizing the women.

Includes three new western-themed character types in addition to the adventure.

To get this plus "The Black Lotus Affair"  and "The Silver's Jungle" in print, order Howls in the Wild here.

Free Character Sheet
Download the free character sheet here.
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