The Santa Lands

Santa Crawl SantaCrawl
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Santa’s workshop has gone dark. When approached by Santa’s wife, and the spouses of the elves who work within, the doors and windows magically seal up. They cannot get in.

Mrs. Kringle and Cinnamon Jingle quietly approach you. They plead their case and request help. As dedicated shopping mall Santas, sworn to uphold the Kringle Code, how can you refuse?

This is written with old school Gygaxian style games in mind.

Yule of the YetiYule of the Yeti
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The Yetis are losing their homelands as humans encroach on their Himalayan environs. They have decided to take over the Santa Lands as their territories.

This shouldn't be too much of a stretch for anybody. High fantasy around the myth of Santa Claus -- SPOILER! -- is nothing new. Since his remaking from Saint Nicholas into a jolly old wizard of gift giving for Yule Time cheer that's been going on for centuries, folks have been making Gary Gygax look staid as a fantasist. Reindeer landing on roofs and a velvet clad man sliding down a chimney in the middle of winter is just the beginning. The North Pole wasn't just a place for explorer sailors to die, it became Santa's home and where his workshop was. Elves and a magical missus would pop up to explain the impossible productivity going on there. The age of TV would take things into fantastic realms of science fiction and the Wild West. Santa would take on the Martians of Mars and help out the fictitious version of Billy the Kid. As far as I know yetis are not yet that much of a staple for the Christmas Holiday, but ever since I watched the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special with the Abominable Snow Man, I can't live without them.

Made for Red Bat.

The Santa Lands The Santa Lands
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At one time this magical place was permanently attached to where the Earth's North Pole was astronomically. Because of recent climatic trends, it generally stays near the North Pole but not necessarily as often as it used to. The area has since broken free and will magically move to where ever the temperature is below freezing.

Made for Red Bat.

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