Cormac's Complete Spellbook

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For years the mage Cormac has been crafting sorcery in the towers of the Wizards Guild of Grimehaven on the world of Elder. He has not only perfected those powers known by every spellcaster, but has come up with many of his own. Only the best students are worthy of learning these incantations and spells.

This is the expansion to W. Scott Grant’s spell list for his Final Exam work. He has not only expanded the number of castings available, but come up with a very unique magic system for any roleplaying game. Perfect for the GM that would like experiment with their own homebrew Monsters! Monsters! sessions, but workable with any system using six-sided dice and the Doubles Always Roll On (DARO) rule and its variations.

Final Exam

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You’re a wizard, albeit a young one. For years, you studied hard in Cormac’s School of Wizardry, an officially recognized branch of the Wizards’ Guild.

Cormac’s school has quite the reputation, having trained some of the greatest wizards of the modern era, like Branikar Firaxus, Arianna Nemeth, and Madra Markoulides, just to name a few. What sets the initiates who graduate from Cormac’s school from the others? The Final Exam.

It’s more than just a test of your arcane skills; it’s a test of character. Are you ready to face the world of adventuring? If you pass Final Exam, there’s no question.

Trollhalla Friendly

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